Candy Striped Pink Agapanthus

For years I have been secretly breeding Agapanthus.
Standard colours are normally blue and white and a mild pink; with a few other variations.
This year I was over-joyed with my bright pink candy striped creation.
Those hours spent late at night under a full moon with a fine horse hair brush cross-pollinating and doing the under the leaf tickle, yielded a truly wonderful flower.
I have called it Candy Striped Pink Agapanthus (aka. Aga-BS-729).


  1. You really have mastered the under the leaf tickle ;)

  2. Hi Bob, will you have this available or seeds for sale? My email:

    1. Hi Shelli
      Sorry I don't have any seeds for sale.
      If I do in the future, then you will be the first to know :)

    2. Thanks Bob, would really love that. Also what do you mean by "under leaf tickle"? I too have pollinted/hybridised and created some lovely plants and not come across this term before?

  3. Hi Bob. Have these become available for sale?


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