Best pick for SA 🤡

The media is being a bit fanciful of late, building up the high expectations of Nick Xenophon at the next SA State election in March 2018.
They now have Nick as possible Premier; if he wins enough seats.

The likely outcome is that Nick's SA Best won't field enough candidates to give Nick the numbers to become Premier. Yes, he will win a good handful of seats; but certainly not a bucket-full.
Here's a scenario ...
What if Labor, Liberal and SA Best each get ~ 1/3 of the seats.
It may be that SA Best gets to form a coalition with Labor or Liberal; and with such a deal, maybe Nick would be Premier.
A preferable outcome would be Nick getting a handful of the best of Labor (a hard pick) and the best of the Liberals (a harder pick) and getting them to defect from their party and form a Government to truely represent the people.
This new coalition Government would have Nick X as Premier, Jay Weatherill as Minister for Energy and Batteries and Steven Marshall as Minister for Local Government.

Fanciful thoughts on my part? Maybe, but it is a possibility.

Whatever happens, it is going to be an interesting outcome.