Rainbows in Unley

I received a couple of complaints about Unley Council asking the Church of Trinity (on Goodwood Road) to remove its YES Rainbow Banner. It had been there for months with no complaint. It was a symbol representing its gay community and the church's position on marriage equality. Then after one complaint Council asked that the banner be removed.
I explained to the residents concerned that it was simply non compliance with bylaws regarding signs and that it had nothing to do with any personal decision made by Council. In fact, the matter was not determined by Council.
Hopefully the banner stayed up in time for the announcement of the same sex marriage postal survey result.

Whilst on Rainbow matters ...

The City of Unley is flying the Rainbow Flag for the duration of Feast Festival at either end of the Customer Service area of the Civic Centre.10 November -  27 November.
This has been done for several years.
Celebrating diversity, the Rainbow Flag represents the six colours of the rainbow as a symbol of gay and lesbian community pride.
The City of Unley is one of 18 Councils in South Australia ‘flying the flag’.
The City of Unley has been associated with Feast Festival for eleven years and was one of the inaugural Councils to participate.