Jayne's Grandstand @ Goodwood Oval

I must admit to being surprised that Labor's Jayne Stinson had secured $2.5m to build a new 2 storey grandstand and club facilities @ Goodwood Oval (in Unley and in the electorate of Badcoe, formerly Ashford).
Badcoe is a seat that Labor must win to retain Government.
It was almost too easy. Normally treasurers put up a harder fight.
But when the Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis visited the oval 2 weeks ago in his white car, I knew (in fact I was told) that funding was in the bag; all secured providing Unley Council coughs up another $1m.
I had been in deep conversation with Jayne about the urgent need to get new change facilities to cater for the growing number of females in our local cricket and football teams.
Everyone else seems to be claiming credit for cracking a deal with Jayne, so I thought I should also lay claim.
Whatever, whoever (is not important) - what is important is the outcome.
I'm delighted that the SA Government has committed to immediate funding of $2.5m.

The project to demolish and rebuild will take about 15 months. My estimate.

To be fair, I have written to Liberal Leader Steven Marshall asking him to commit to what funding would be available if his party were to win Government. I will publish any response received.