Goodwood Oval @ Badcoe

Goodwood Oval needs a new grandstand and club and change rooms for the football and cricket players. New change rooms are essential to cater for female players.
The trouble is a new facility is hugely expensive; not a cost that Unley Council can solely bear.
Labor candidate Jayne Stinson and Liberal candidate Lachlan Clyne are pursing the matter and are drumming up support from within their parties.
Jayne recently took Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis to the oval and gave him a tour of the ageing facility. Tom loves his footy and his presence signalled Labor's need to retain Badcoe. Will Lachlan now take Steven Marshall down to the oval to view the facilities?
To get the votes, all Labor and Liberal need to do is to commit to funding of $2m+.
A big ask, but a win in Badcoe is important to both parties.
Thinking about it, I wonder just how many votes are at stake.
Will they get more votes from the local residents? I doubt it. The locals probably won't want more sport being played on the oval and probably won't want a potentially larger club building. So it comes down to the votes of families with kids playing football and cricket at Goodwood Oval. How many of these people live in Badcoe? I suspect that the number is low.
Hopefully one (or preferably both) of the political parties will promise funding of $2m+.