Cheap funeral

Funerals are just so expensive.
Even when you have a modest one with few frills, the Funeral Directors fleece you with high markups when you are most vulnerable.
If you select a cremation at Centennial Park, the Funeral Directors add a whopping $500+ extra; for doing nothing other than making a phone call to Centennial Park.

Now there's a new player in the funeral business.
A company called Value Cremations will collect the body, handle the death certificate and cremate it for a low cost of $1,500. There is no service or gathering to farewell the person.
You simply collect the ashes and do whatever you wish with the plastic urn eg. go for a Sunday drive and scatter the ashes in a nice quiet country setting or from the top of a cliff along the coast; or you can just place the ashes on a shelf at home and wonder for years what to do with them.

Will it take off.
I'm not sure.
However it does have appeal.
Instead of paying $12,000 for a modest funeral (including heaps of hefty markups) why not just pay $1,500 and then lash out and have a private party with family and friends down at the park or even a restaurant. Even if that gathering costs $1,000 - $3,000 you are still $9,000 ahead.

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