Rate cap research

Whilst I fight hard to maintain low rates at the City of Unley, I remain opposed to rate capping, an election stunt proposed by the opposition Liberal Party in SA. It is no more than a vote grabbing ploy; which by the way will work in getting votes.
What South Australian wouldn't want lower Council rates?
Actually what the Liberals won't declare is the cost for the State Government to review the business plan for every Council. It will cost heaps which will be funded by extra State Government taxes.
It's a bad idea; but I suspect that it will help the Liberals get elected.
What prompted this blog ...
I notice that research from University of New England Professor Brian Dollery has confirmed that after 40 years of rate capping in NSW there has been increased local government debt, larger infrastructure backlogs, and increased fees and charges that are passed on to communities.
I was impressed by the thoroughness of the research; at least the outcome. Then I read that the research had been funded by the Local Government Research & Development Scheme. It reminded me of tobacco companies doing research on the effect of smoking on health.
Given who was paying the bill for the research, it would have been difficult for the research to deliver a different finding.

This research aside, I remain opposed to rate capping.