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Late night pie @ Unley

Fantastic news about John Opie bakery on Unley Road intending to stay open later to 10pm. The menu will stay the same with beer and wine available if a liquor licence is approved. Great for locals wanting a low cost night out with a decent pie or pasty (or Danish apple). For a late night pie it will save a long trip to 24x7 Cafe de Vili's at Mile-End. Read more ...

Stop hiccups

The most interesting news in the paper yesterday ... how to stop hiccups. Research has shown the cause of hiccups to be eating or drinking too much and too quickly. Supposedly the stomach distends which irritates the diaphragm. It has been suggested that to stop the hiccups, eat a spoonful of creamy peanut paste very slowly. It's worth a try; provided you have a jar of peanut paste at hand. Caution (mine): not recommended if you are allergic to peanuts.

Whisky needs water

It's best to add a dash of water to a whisky to get that extra flavour and taste, according to the dedicated research of two Swedish chemists. A Scottish whisky expert advocates reducing the alcohol content to 20% to hit the sweet spot for enhanced flavour, aroma and taste. There is no mention, but I suspect that the same findings would also apply to good brandy or cognac and other wood cask matured liquors. It's worth experimenting at home to validate the findings 🍷💧 Read the story ...

Australian atrocities

Following on from the heated racial protests in the US, I noted this article published by the Guardian. It suggested that we may have a similar problem simmering in Australia; because of our statues and memorials of early explorers and pastoralists who inflicted horrors on the indigenous people. I acknowledge these horrors, but the difference (to the US) is that Aussies today don't worship our early (white) settlers and explorers for their past deeds. The reality is that most Australians don't have a good grasp of Australian history and the deeds, good and bad, of our early settlers. The article by the Guardian is worth a read and some reflection. I do like the idea of adding a second plaque on monuments to provide an Aboriginal perspective. Read the Guardian story ...

Millswood Train Station 16/17

It's more than 3 years ago that I was part of a vocal group campaigning to re-open the Millswood Train Station. The liberals would not get involved; and probably lost Government because of it. Labor embraced it; and probably won Government because of it. I still have emails that I sent to David Pisoni, Steven Marshall, Steph Key and Jay Weatherill. Putting the politics aside, it is pleasing to see a monthly tally of 1,371 commuters boarding the train at Millswood each month in 2016/2017. A great outcome. But why did the locals have to fight for so long?

Gay delay

The Federal Liberals squandered a real opportunity in their party room debate on Gay Marriage. They had an opportunity to re-gain control and take ownership of the issue. If their push for a plebiscite again fails in the Senate, then it's time for a conscience vote in Parliament. The outcome of a plebiscite by letter won't have the same authority. Australians are tiring of this sad saga. There is strong sentiment to resolve the matter now. It's time to slip on the Nike(s) and 'just do it'.

Gay Marriage

I write this as the Federal Liberals decide what to do about Gay Marriage, or more correctly, marriage equality. So I don't know the result. My guess is that it will be a fiery debate and the Libs will stick with their policy (and election promise) of holding a plebiscite before bringing the matter to Parliament. I was of the opinion that a plebiscite should be held. However, given feedback from the community and from polling, the majority of Australians now support marriage equality. Let's face it, regardless of the Libs' decision we all know that the next Labor Government will quickly legalise Gay Marriage. If the Libs don't (today) allow a conscience vote then they will be doomed at the next election. They must know this, but I reckon they will pig-headily stick to their now out of date plebiscite policy and struggle onwards severely wounded and in need of a new leader. Today, they have an opportunity and they should seize it. I would have thought that the bac

UberEATS bad4business

INDAILY has followed-up on my earlier blog about UberEATS. Restaurants and eateries are concerned about destroying their quality reputation by embracing UberEATS. The better places won't trust delivery to Uber. According a survey, for some businesses it will work, but in most cases UberEATS is seen as a huge risk. Read the story ... From experiences at home and from accounts of others, try to avoid UberEATS if you want a reasonable dining (at home) experience. If it's a pizza then go for it, but if you pay more than $10 for the food then go and pick it up. Here's my earlier blog on UberEATS ...

Rate cap research

Whilst I fight hard to maintain low rates at the City of Unley, I remain opposed to rate capping, an election stunt proposed by the opposition Liberal Party in SA. It is no more than a vote grabbing ploy; which by the way will work in getting votes. What South Australian wouldn't want lower Council rates? Actually what the Liberals won't declare is the cost for the State Government to review the business plan for every Council. It will cost heaps which will be funded by extra State Government taxes. It's a bad idea; but I suspect that it will help the Liberals get elected. What prompted this blog ... I notice that research from University of New England Professor Brian Dollery has confirmed that after 40 years of rate capping in NSW there has been increased local government debt, larger infrastructure backlogs, and increased fees and charges that are passed on to communities. I was impressed by the thoroughness of the research; at least the outcome. Then I read