Why UberEats? Why?
It doesn't make sense.
Just stupid.
People are just doing it because it is new (and needs to be tried).
My son ordered UberEats (= takeaway, home delivery) from a fav eatery on Goodwood Road, about 4km away. It was a wet and cold night and the food was delivered by bicycle. The food was cold; as you would expect after delivery by bike on a cold and wet night, on a journey from so far away.
Eat there or drive and pick it up. Just common sense.
Yes, my son got Uber credit for a bad experience, but that's not the point. A bad food experience is totally not acceptable. It was all fine before Uber arrived. It hasn't impacted me, but the young are uberising many aspects of life; and creating a new norm. It's a bad business model that delivers cold food, bad service  and leaves the consumer dissatisfied; and reflects poorly on the food outlets.

Today, in the junk mail I revived an UberEats advertisement encouraging me to order from Macca's and use the promo code ADEMCD3.
Maccas is only 494metres away. I could walk or drive there. I do visit about once every 3 years. Actually, I don't, I go next door to KFC and get some healthy chicken and chips; sorry, a sick joke! But, there are times when the body craves fast food.
So, why would I use UberEats and order takeaway from Macca's?
It's likely to be cold because the delivery person uses a bicycle.

Feel free to use my promo code.
I won't be using it.
Actually, I feel bad about giving it away; because it probably won't be a good culinary experience for you.

I'll just quietly Uber off ...


  1. It is just a phase kids are going through.
    I suspect that UberEats will phase out due to frustration on not getting what you want and not getting gr8 delivery service like by bike.

    1. I agree.
      What's going to happen to the pizza delivery guys?
      Will they get replaced by Uber deliveries?

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  3. What will happen over time, after the novelty wears off is that restaurants and eateries will no longer agree to delivery by UberEats. They will not want their reputation tarnished by low grade deliveries.
    If I were to receive an UberEats delivery of a favourite curry, rice and naan from Joe's Top Curries and it was cold and a bit wet from the rain, I'm sorry but I would be blaming both the curry restaurant and UberEats. And I would never eats at Joe's again.
    I believe that over time restaurants will ban delivery by UberEats; not wanting their reputation to be tarnished by shoddy delivery.
    Pizza joints will revert back to having their own (poorly paid) young drivers.
    Yes, it's all a phase and we'll move on.

    My tips for hot takeaway:
    Take the car, not the bicycle.
    Arrive 5 minutes earlier than advised.
    Use an insulated heat retaining bag.
    Get home quickly.
    Have someone set the table before you arrive.


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