Leader Street @ Forestville

The Leader Street Streetscape Project is now complete.
Just a bit of asphalt to be laid near the railway line, booked for early August.

The transformation of the street is fantastic. Looks great.
It's green and cycle friendly with new cycle lanes.
Prior to the road works there were no cycle lanes..
Rain-gardens were designed to filter stormwater and remove pollutants that would have normally been washed down creeks and into the ocean. These rain-gardens will filter about 5 million litres of stormwater annually. That's 2 Olympic sized swimming pools of water each year.
Also, the new permeable footpaths have provided capacity to store 110,000 litres of water that will be 'soaked' into the soil and provide extra water for trees and vegetation.

This streetscape renovation of Leader Street in Forestville is a pilot for transforming streets across Unley. Over time there will similar projects across Unley.
It's been a good outcome.