Vegemite comes home

Fantastic news that an Australian company has bought Vegemite (from mega USA food giant Mondelez) and brought it back home.
Bega Cheese did the $480m deal and now owns Vegemite.
It's in safe hands as half of the share holders of Bega are dairy farmers who supply milk product to the company; they were originally part of a local cooperative.
Like most Aussies, I enjoy Vegemite on toast at least 5 days a week.
The history of Vegemite and its nutrient value should be a question on the new Australian citizenship test. Fail that test and citizenship should not be granted.
Bega chairman Barry Irvin is delighted that the deal was done and the iconic product has been returned to Aussie ownership. The company intends to aggressively promote Vegemite in 43 countries across the globe.

A great outcome Barry.
I anoint thee, Sir Barry of Bega, for services to Vegemite and promoting Australian values.
On behalf of Australians, we salute you.

What better than a Bega cheddar cheese on Vegemite on toast.