Unley @ Mitcham

It was a good meeting last night at Mitcham Council.
A joint informal meeting of Mitcham and Unley Councillors to review the options for establishing an authority/subsidiary to manage the works to reduce the risk of flooding in the Brownhill and Keswick Creeks. It will be an authority to act on behalf of the 5 Councils affected.
It was declared a public meeting (on the night), but there were no residents present. They probably didn't know about it.
Anyway, it was a good night with great comraderi between the 2 Councils.
Lots of tiny pies and pasties and small talk afterwards.
The State Government has 'decreed' that the subsidiary/creek management authority will be operational by February 2018. My reckoning is that it will be quite a challenge to get all 5 Councils in agreement on the responsibility of the subsidiary, let alone appoint appropriately skilled board members, by that date (which is 1 month prior to the SA State election).