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The State Government has recently released a pilot IT facility that enables residents to subscribe (to DPTI) to receive email/sms alerts about upcoming scheduled works on the rail and tram network. I understand that the intent is reduce the extent of letter-boxing residents to inform them of scheduled track work, especially work scheduled at night.
Here's the link to subscribe ...

It's an excellent initiative. However, there must be an ongoing need to letterbox residents in the immediate location.

Thinking about this, I propose that Council launch a similar facility and request all residents to subscribe. That way Council would be able to quickly alert residents of planned works in their local area eg. road works, road closures etc. The benefit would a reduction of letter-boxing the broader area; a significant cost reduction. I ask the Council Administration to assess and pilot this proposal.


  1. Great idea Bob. This would help reduce cost and increase the coverage of consultation and notification. I have heard that the council finds that consultation is difficult to get broad enough and is costly, so this would be benefical.

    Another idea would be to have an email address for a given property, and that all rates, communications and consultation goes there, instead of to personal email addresses. This would stay with the property if the owner sells it.

    The "My Unley" online service looks really good and I'd be interested to see if this could be expanded likewise.

  2. I like the idea Bob.
    Hopefully Council will give it a try.
    Keep pushing it.


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