No gong for Joe

The Advertiser headline was Queen's Birthday Honours: SA's Tireless Heroes.
It annoys me that people who get the prestigious awards are mostly people just doing their paid job; like the winemaker. Yes, he makes good wines, but he gets paid handsomely for doing his job. And then there's the actor who got a gong.
Damn annoying.
It annoys me that average Joe down the street doesn't get a mention. He works tirelessly as an unpaid volunteer. He contributes so much to his neighbours and the local community; but he gets no mention. He contributes so much more to the community than highly paid winemakers and actors and others who are just doing their job and earning a huge salary.
Maybe it's my fault or your fault. Maybe we should have nominated average Joe or his wife Maud.
If we had then Joe or Maud would have maybe got a lowly award; not a big one reserved for the high flyers (like the Qantas boss) with influential friends.
It's all a bit sad.
I'm sorry Joe and Maud. Maybe next year; but probably not.