Messenger paper cuts

The Messenger 'local rag' newspaper must be doing it tough.
I've just received a leaflet from the Messenger in my letterbox.
It says 'We have identified a group of suburbs that have a lower than average tendency to pick up delivered copies of the paper. Your suburb is in that group.'
Messenger wants my feedback. Further, it suggests that in the future the options may be to drive somewhere and collect a paper from a retail outlet or subscribe for an online edition.
I gave feedback and replied that I want the delivery to continue.
Yes, a high % of people leave the paper in the driveway and mulch it with their car tyres. However, many (and I would suggest a good 50%) do pick it up and read it. Perhaps the high number of flats in the area is distorting the figures and suggesting a lower than average readership.
I suspect that when the Messenger refers to a group of suburbs, the size of that group is high and the real push is to stop paper copies and force residents to go online.

Keep the Messenger press rolling, keeping giving kids a job to deliver the local paper and keep tossing it over the fence. Many of us do read the paper.