Goodwood Road & Leader Street

The roadworks on Goodwood Road and Leader Street are nearing an end.
Both projects will be complete by 30 June.
Leader Street is currently being sealed and follow-up plantings will finish the work.
After 30 June, the State Government will seal Goodwood Road at night.
It's been a major upheaval and a period of frustration for nearby residents and local businesses.
On the positive side, it will look great and the charm of Goodwood will return.

Thinking ahead 12-24 months, work will commence on replacing the road and footpaths on King William Road. Council needs to learn from the Goodwood Road project and determine how best to minimise impact on the local residents and businesses eg. stage the work in smaller sections and perhaps have more night work.


  1. Goodwood Road has been a mess for so loooong!
    Thank heavens the work is nearly finished.


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