King William Road upgrade

Next year in 2017/2018 Unley Council will fund the design of the King William Road upgrade. The road will probably be re-built in 2018/2019, dependent on funding. Due to budget constraint, the new surface will be bitumen rather than brick pavers. I would like to see some innovative new colours on the road. Perhaps at the intersection with side streets there could be bright blue, orange or red coloured brick patterns in the bitumen or innovative coloured artistic patterns inlaid in the bitumen.

Follow this link (with video) to see how King William Road will be bitumenised


  1. Thank heavens it will be bitumen.
    Those bricks are terrible. Gives me the shakes and makes a lot of noise.
    I like the idea of bright colours at the intersections.
    Why not have Sturt's double blue colours?


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