Best Berri Butcher

If you're visiting the Riverland and need some meat to cook on a BBQ down by the river, then the butcher shop you must visit is 'Berri North Butcher' @ 28 Zante Road, Berri. There are two butcher shops in Berri, but trust me, go to one on the north side of town.
The butcher is up for a chat and is very generous with samples of his home-made products eg. fritz, ham, brawn, ... the brawn was absolutely superb. What's brawn? Tip: don't Google it, just enjoy it.
The sausages are made using the butcher's secret recipe influenced by the local Greek and Italian communities. One of the pork sausages was bright blood red (from local red wine) and had chunks of lemon rind in the mix.
I bought an assortment of meats, some to BBQ down by the river and some to bring home.
This butcher was a Berri good find!


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