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Tour Down Under costs Unley $266k

At the meeting held on 22 May 2017, Unley Council resolved ... The undertaking of the 2018 Unley Gourmet Gala and Tour Down Under Stage Start be endorsed, pending confirmation from Events SA that our expression of interest has been successful. I voted against this motion. The minutes show that Cr Mike Hudson also voted against it. Read the minutes and see who voted for this waste of money: your money My rationale for voting against hosting the Start and a Street Party was: Unley has hosted the event for 17 years. It beginning to stale and needs to be replaced with a smaller event @ lower cost eg. $40k. The reports states that the event injects $1m into the local Unley businesses. That is nonsense . Unley as a Council, as a broader area gets little in return. Other businesses beyond King William Road (KWR) get no return. It's all about KWR and many of the traders don't want the event as it impacts their businesses. Some businesses actually lose money due t

Do you know GOODWOOD?

Subject:   Do you know Goodwood Unley Council is promoting 2 exciting projects in and around Goodwood. Flyers and posters have been distributed to to 2,800 homes and the local shops and businesses to get the message out.   OUR GOODWOOD The Council promotion reads ...  What are your favourite things about Goodwood? What makes it so special? Is it the people, the places, the things to do, family, friends, the history? The City of Unley is looking for you and your communities to submit images and stories for two innovative arts projects Post It and Discover Historic Goodwood . Your images may be displayed on panels integrated in to new banner poles which are being installed on the side streets as part of the Goodwood Road Streetscape Upgrade project. And your stories could be included in a new local walking tour app which will take people on a journey which includes local heritage buildings, stories, music, images and text.

Lick of approval

Australia Post has celebrated street art across the nation by releasing 4 stamps depicting the best examples. One image shows artwork on a house in Railway Terrace North in Goodwood. Fantastic recognition of the local street art. I give it a lick of approval. Oh, by the way, 2 of the stamps show images of street art in Adelaide. Not bad for a sleepy backwater town! Click on this link to view the 4 stamps

Dragon's Breath

Not bad for a Welsh farmer who has created the world's hottest chilli. He wasn't even trying; rather he was trying to enhance the shape of the chilli bush and foliage to make it more attract. Now he is the record holder for creating the hottest chilli in the world. The chilli has been named Dragon's Breath. Eating it would most likely kill you by literally burning your airway; just like breathing fire. The Scoville scale is used to measure the intensity of chilli heat in units. The Dragon's Breath measures 2.48 million Scoville heat units (SHU). That means that one drop of oil from this chilli can be detected in 2.48 million drops of water. In comparison, pepper spray used by the US Army is 2 million SHU. Read the story

Cycle overpass @ Goodwood

The pedestrian/cycle path over the train line near Goodwood Station will be built in late 2017. It is scheduled to be complete by February 2018. The project has been given the green light. Survey works will be conducted later this week. This will be a fantastic outcome for the 1,000+ cyclists and the many pedestrians who make the daily trek through the dark and damp subway; and endure the stench of urine and the risk to safety - not a good place to be at night.

Budget sewerage

The Federal Coalition has delivered its 2017 budget. It has been reasonably well received ever though our hip pocket wallets will be bit lighter. It is described as a Labor like budget (which it is) and will take a lot of the sting out of Labor's ongoing grumbles. An interesting aspect of the budget is to randomly drug test Newstart and Youth Allowance recipients who receive welfare payments. As long as politicians are also randomly drug tested, then the proposed drug testing will probably be accepted by the community. The Guardian reports ... 'The treasurer, Scott Morrison , has confirmed sewage will be tested to find areas of high drug use to trial drug testing of welfare recipients. In a video interview with Buzzfeed on Periscope on Thursday, Morrison said that areas of high drug use were “the best place to start” the trials and promised the controversial new measure would only be retained if it “helps people”. Tuesday’s budget announced a trial of drug testin

Plant parsley

They say that if you have parsley growing in the garden then you will always have parsley. That is, they drop seed and you have many new plants each season. Yes, they do die back towards winter; so you need to renew. Now is the time to plant parsley seed. Collect seeds from the old plants or get some from a friend. They do grow better from seed and dislike being transplanted. Plant the seeds around the garden; you can't have too much. I have both the finer curly leaf and broad leaf Italian varieties. The fine leaf curly type is more versatile; ideal for making tabouli. The coarser Italian type is best for soup.

Best Berri Butcher

If you're visiting the Riverland and need some meat to cook on a BBQ down by the river, then the butcher shop you must visit is ' Berri North Butcher ' @ 28 Zante Road, Berri. There are two butcher shops in Berri, but trust me, go to one on the north side of town. The butcher is up for a chat and is very generous with samples of his home-made products eg. fritz, ham, brawn, ... the brawn was absolutely superb. What's brawn? Tip: don't Google it, just enjoy it. The sausages are made using the butcher's secret recipe influenced by the local Greek and Italian communities. One of the pork sausages was bright blood red (from local red wine) and had chunks of lemon rind in the mix. I bought an assortment of meats, some to BBQ down by the river and some to bring home. This butcher was a Berri good find!

Plant a tree

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." ...  Chinese Proverb Help to green your local area by planning to plant another tree. The best time to plant is late winter, early spring. So, over winter give thought to what type of tree and size given limited suitable locations in the typical home garden.

Tavern talk

There is a lot of chatter across Unley about Council giving $10,000 to help the Hyde Park Tavern with its $370k redevelopment. For the record, I did NOT support it. A worthy community project in 17/18 will now need to be scrapped to stay within the 17/18 budget. Maybe that work planned for your street (or your park) will need to be scrapped; or maybe the cost of residential parking permits will have to rise. In this week's Eastern Courier Messenger (03-May-2017) there is a joint letter from Unley Councillors Anthony Lapidge and Rob Sangster. They provide rationale as to why they supported the payment of $10,000 to the pub. Most of the mainstreets in Unley have a separate rate payable by businesses and traders eg. on Goodwood Road, King William Road and Unley Road, and this separate rate is used to fund local infrastructure and promotional activities to help drive local business. On Goodwood Road and Unley Road, all businesses are included and pay the separate rate. Whereas on

King William Road upgrade

Next year in 2017/2018 Unley Council will fund the design of the King William Road upgrade. The road will probably be re-built in 2018/2019, dependent on funding. Due to budget constraint, the new surface will be bitumen rather than brick pavers. I would like to see some innovative new colours on the road. Perhaps at the intersection with side streets there could be bright blue, orange or red coloured brick patterns in the bitumen or innovative coloured artistic patterns inlaid in the bitumen. Follow this link (with video) to see how King William Road will be bitumenised

Grumpy blogs on

A few months ago, Unley Councillor Mike Hudson (aka. 'Grumpy') pressed the wrong button and removed his Internet connection. His life hasn't been the same since. The technical issue was so serious that it took months to restore the connection. With mixed feelings, (on my part and probably others) he is now back on the air and his 'famed' and highly hit blog called 'Grumpy' is about to start churning out his important messages. Send him messages of support (or otherwise) and say that I sent you. Here's a link to his blog ...