Unley Council 2018

Recently there has been ongoing graffiti on the wall of the Unley Council building.
One message was 'vote Council out'.
A strong sentiment.

This may very well happen at the next election.
Listening to gossip, rumours and scenarios, here's how it might happen ...

There are 12 Councillors and a Mayor.
The Mayor has stated that be won't be nominating in 2018.
So, that's one person out.
There are 4 Councillors who have indicated interest in standing for Mayor.
One will win, so 3 are out. That's a total of 4 out.
Three Councillors will retire. That's a total of 7 out.
Two more Councillors are likely to retire, so that's a total of 9 out.

If all of this gossip and speculation is correct, then the next Unley Council will be very different with a majority of new faces.

ps The above takes no account of the fact that one or more serving Councillors might not get re-elected.


  1. Provide the names so I can see who is leaving

  2. One definite and it's fact, not rumour is that Councillor Mike Hudson is retiring.
    He's done his time, a very long time, and will tend his veggie patch and breed his prized bantams.

  3. It certainly looks and feels like some Councillors have come to the end of their natural life cycle. That's to be expected, but it does pose the question whether or not some of the very vocal local activists that Unley is well known for would put up their hand for this type of community service?


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