Jarlsberg cheese

Jarlsberg cheese - it's a nice cheese. Ideal in a cheese and tomato sandwich. It's full of holes and originated from the region of Jarlsberg in Norway. You think of contented cows in the pastures of Norway.

Before throwing out the empty packet I read the label.

The label says ...
Made by Tine SA Oslo, Norway
Cheese product of Ireland
Packaged in Germany
Imported by:
Cantarella Bros Pty Ltd
118 Wetherill Street
Silverwater NSW 2128

The only thing that happened in Australia was the Cantarella Brothers sticking on a label with the price, expiry date, an Australian barcode and reference to the website www.jarlsberg.com.au
Click on this website and you discover that the contact is Vittoria Food & Beverage (118 Wetherill Street, Silverwater) with an email contact of marketing@vittoriacoffee.com
So maybe it was the guys at Vittoria Coffee who stick on the labels.

It's a small world of traders and confusing for the consumer who genuinely wants to know more about a product and the source.

Use of the Australian barcode (93.......) should be restricted to goods that have at least some Australian content.