Sun dried figs

What a glorious time of the year - despite the heat, the humidity and the rain.
The hot summer has ripened the figs and the rainbow lorikeets are having a glorious time in the fig tree.
I don't net the tree, preferring to share with the birds.
The rain has ruined the recent ripe figs; so maybe I will be lucky with the next batch in a couple of weeks.
But those figs that fall to the ground and get sun dried on the hot brick path are glorious. They dry quickly and are quite chewy.

There's nothing quite like:

  • Lying on the lawn, on your back with your legs in the air whilst chewing on a fig;
  • Lying on the brick paving and sucking on a fig;
  • Lying in bed and savouring a sun dried fig;
  • Leaving a chewed fig on the kitchen floor knowing that someone will step on it (or inspect it closely before picking it up)

It's a dog's delight collecting sun dried figs and chewing on them.
My dog delights in this delicacy.