Slow dog

I was staggered to read in The Advertiser (25 January) about the SA greyhound trainer caught fiddling with a male dog just prior to a race; and the episode was broadcast live on TV. The offence was termed 'stimulating' and he was found guilty by Greyhound Racing SA; it was deemed that his actions were improper and an offence under Greyhound Racing Rule 86(o).
Racing experts are still unsure if the stimulation would have made the dog run slower or faster; opinion tended to favour a slower outcome.

Animal welfare groups had never before encountered such behaviour and were unprepared for professional comment; other than saying that animals must be treated with respect and not subject to indignity or ridicule.

The Greyhound Racing body did not give public consideration to the possibility that the trainer had performed the act for his own gratification.

Talk about fiddling a race!
Absolutely disgusting!!