Jetty etiquette 🐠

We all do it. It's mandatory; an absolute obligation.
When you're down at the beach on a non swimming visit, be it at Glenelg or Semaphore or Beachport or wherever, and you're done the shops, had a bite to eat, whatever, you simply must walk the jetty. Right to the end, then loiter a while and then head back.
We observe each other, we look in the buckets and engage in idle conversation about the luck of the fishers who are mostly male.
But put yourself in the the place of a fisherman and the continual stream of people who enquire about 'how are they biting?' and 'what have you caught?'.

Actually there is strict etiquette about a walk along a jetty.
And so many people break the rules.

Here's a list of etiquette guidelines to help you on your next stroll along the jetty.

Jetty etiquette