Gongs for Unley

Australia Day is approaching and with it comes the gongs; the annual awards given to people deemed worthy.
Upon reflection, some are worthy. We've had some great Australians of the Years; at the National and State levels. And there have been a few duds; at all levels of the awards.

What really annoys me is that most recipients get awards for having simply done their job and were paid to do it; and usually paid quite handsomely ie. in high flying jobs. Real people who make a real impact and a huge contribution to society (eg. volunteers) usually get overlooked.

It's quite sad that those most deserving get overlooked.

Councils also have Australia Days awards for various categories.
Unley Council has had some wonderful recipients; mostly deserved.
I have enjoyed my past involvement on a Council panel to determine those most deserving; and to filter out the duds and crazy submissions.
This year at Unley it's a Captain's Pick with Mayor Lachlan Clyne deciding who gets a gong.
So it will be a total surprise.