Bridge for sale 🚳🚷

I found the bargain of the year!
Yesterday on eBay I found a used bridge for sale.
It was the pedestrian and cycle overpass bridge on South Road at Tram Stop 6.
Despite it being SA Government property, a frustrated commuter from Sellicks Beach (eBay account keynes8963) listed it for sale on eBay.
The description said that it was only 7 years old and had cost $30m.
Postage was $10.40 via Australia Post Parcel delivery.
I placed a bid early in the day at $250.
I was quickly outbid with the bids exceeding $100k.
I did send the seller a message asking if the overhead lights were included. He replied that if I paid cash he would throw in the lights.
Later in the day the advertisement and all trace of it was removed from eBay; probably at the instigation of the Government.