$10 wine for just $10

As a retail consultant, I shouldn't have been surprised (or caught).
I went to First Choice @ Unley. Simply because I had a flybys voucher: spend $40 and get 1,000 flybuys. I bought absolute essentials, what I needed, no extras and had goods to the value of $43.
At the checkout I was offered a choice of one of 3 products for just $10. The options were a six pack of Heineken beer, a dubious bottle of red wine or a bottle of Land of Giants, NZ Marlborough, Sauvignon Blanc, 2015.
Given the hot weather, I selected the white wine, but was suspicious because it was last year's, 2015; a bad sign.

I opened the bottle tonight; we had fish for dinner.
Basically it was a $10 bottle of wine at a cost of $10.
I was hoping that it would taste like a $13 bottle.
It wasn't anything special. I was conned into buying an extra bottle of wine that wasn't in my shopping trolley.

On the positive side, it was a hot day and fish was on the menu and there was a cold bottle of white wine in the fridge.