Wet legs @ Goodwood 🐳

I spent late afternoon at the Capri Theatre @ Goodwood.
I thought that I was going to see Star Wars, but it was Red Dog (rating 3/5).
When emerging onto Goodwood Road @ 6pm all was quiet, no cars; just lots of Police and SES vehicles. A burst water main opposite Goodwood Library had shut down the street.
David Pisoni MP, Shadow Minister for Burst Water Pipes was there watching the gusher.
Minister Ian Hunter had been there; getting his cardboard legs wet in the torrent.
I spoke to a local resident and expressed my opinion that the Government should replace the water mains pipes before that strip of Goodwood Road is resurfaced in 6 months. It just makes sense; plain common sense.
To fix the ageing water pipe infrastructure, the Government must invest say $50m a year over 30 years to reduce the number of burst mains. Ageing infrastructure must be replaced along entire streets rather than ad hoc repairs.
Full marks to David Pisoni for seemingly attending every burst pipe in the Adelaide metro area. But, what I would like to know is how much the Liberals will invest to replace the aged infrastructure? $50m pa? $100m pa? Over how many years? And how long will it take?

I'll publish any formal response that I receive.


  1. You are on the money here Cr Bob. We both are identifying the need for both major political partys to commit to upgrading the water infrastructure.

    C heck out my thoughts on the water infrastructure along this section of Goodwood Road.


  2. What are you thinking Bob!?. This sort of thinking is from that mystical other world call The Netherlands. If we get too much of this type of thinking we might find that things start working better. We can't have that. Chaos is cash (for some).


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