Tinder love ❤️

Dating and meeting people for love is not what it used to be.
The Tinder dating app is the common way to hook up these days. Actually, it's not a dating app; rather, it's a sex app; just a hook-up for a brief sexual encounter. It's rare that Tinder encounters progress to companionship and love.

In the early days of Tinder, you simply ticked male or female; nothing more.
Now, Tinder offers many choices to express your preference. In fact, there are a staggering 37 gender options. They say that it enables a fuller inclusion.

Just watch out that you don't tick the wrong box 😍😍😍

More about this from a media report ...

THE world is a much more complicated place than it used to be — and notorious dating app Tinder has made a major overhaul to its platform to reflect that growing complexity.

The online matchmaking app has launched a new update that gives users the ability to choose between 37 different genders.

Previously, users could only pick between male and female.

The additional genders include options such as gender fluid, androgynous, pangender, non-binary, gender questioning, transgender and transsexual. But if users still can’t find their preferred option, they can also type in the gender title they wish to be identified as.

Ostensibly the update is about driving a culture of inclusiveness and offering an olive branch to the trans community.

“We haven’t had the right tools to serve our diverse community in the past, but that changes today,” the company wrote in a blog post announcing the update.

Transgender people have previously reported facing abuse on the app and being reported to Tinder administrators for being trans.

“In addition to this new feature, we are learning to be a better ally to transgender and gender nonconforming communities by allocating additional resources to our support team, which includes educating our staff about the challenges facing these communities,” the company said.

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