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Bum art

The Bum is much talked about, much loved and a frequent subject for artists. As artists say, 'if you can get the bum right then the rest of the body will just flow'. From a young age our fascination of the bum is fixed. There are bum jokes and bum stories; a kid's delight. As we get older there is a different fascination in the bum. I would not normally share such thoughts, but in my email inbox I received the following. It's an invitation to the launch of OBUM . It should be a good night. A bit of a bummer that I have another commitment that night. Dear friends and fellow travelers. You are invited to the opening of OBUM!  OBUM! is Deborah Baldassi's celebration of something which we would all rather put behind us - our bottoms. It includes  classic bottoms, the quirky bottoms of the Acrobutts, Burlesque Bumbushkas and the presidential posteriors of Barrack OBuma and Donald tRUMP.  A classic bum and a Burlesque Bumbushka are attached to whet your appetit

Tinder love ❤️

Dating and meeting people for love is not what it used to be. The Tinder dating app is the common way to hook up these days. Actually, it's not a dating app; rather, it's a sex app; just a hook-up for a brief sexual encounter. It's rare that Tinder encounters progress to companionship and love. In the early days of Tinder, you simply ticked male or female; nothing more. Now, Tinder offers many choices to express your preference. In fact, there are a staggering 37 gender options. They say that it enables a fuller inclusion. Just watch out that you don't tick the wrong box 😍😍😍 More about this from a media report ... THE world is a much more complicated place than it used to be — and notorious dating app Tinder has made a major overhaul to its platform to reflect that growing complexity. The online matchmaking app has launched a new update that gives users the ability to choose between 37 different genders. Previously, users could only pick between male an

Table Tennis Tarts

Went to Bonjour Adelaide @ Unley today. Bought  a tray of lemon tarts (aka. Tarts de Citron). 9 for $20. A good buy. Tangy on the tongue. Excellent. Dessert tonight. Dawdled along to ETSY on Oxford Street. So many people and I needed to take a break. So I laid the tarts on the ping pong table @ the Civic Centre. Here's a photo ...

Bonjour Adelaide

Fantastic last night at Bonjour Adelaide in Unley. Lots of people, having fun. The caption to this photo is: "Bob, you're my best girlfriend on Council" ... Unley Councillor Jennie Boisvert.

Unley Civic Centre plan

On Monday 14 November 2016 Unley Council endorsed the proposal to re-develop the Unley Civic Centre. Approval was given for the proposal to proceed. The vote was 8 vs. 2 in favour. Those absent were Councillor Mike Hudson, Councillor Rob Sangster and Mayor Lachlan Clyne. Those voting against were Councillor Bob Schnell and Councillor Michael Hewitson. At the meeting I gave 2 reasons for my decision viz. 1) The issue of the nature of public consultation and its timing. During the consultation there will not be any scale model of what will be built. Residents will not be able to easily visualise the proposed outcome. They will just have opportunity to reflect on the allowable heights (along the 4 street frontages) dictated by the DPA and the mandatory requirements imposed by Council eg. retaining the Museum cottage, retaining a Village Green, street trees, greenery within the envelope, underground carparks etc. I have real doubt that residents will be able to conside

Mad Hatter

I recently attended The Mad Hatter's Twilight Festival held in Quadrant Mall. A fun night with pop-up stalls. A good example of place activation. The place really came alive. Here I am pictured with The Mad Hatter. He was quite a character; literally quite mad. I was part of a group and the Mad Hatter led us through the streets, winding through lanes and into Quadrant Mall. The Mad Hatter is the one in costume  

Letter to media 09/11/2016

Here's a letter to the editor, published on 09 November 2016 ... It was interesting to read (EC Messenger, 'Bushfire threat to residents', 26 Oct) that anti-dam activist Ron Bellchambers wants urgent repair to an upper Brownhill Creek bridge damaged by recent flooding. The damage means that heavy CFS trucks can't get through to fight fires. May I suggest that had Ron supported the recommended proposal for a dam he would not now have his dilemma (in his locality). It's not too late to review what is the best engineering solution to remediate flooding.

Edible Unley

Here's a fantastic story of residents banding together and planting fruit trees on the verge. The creation of an edible streetscape. The fruit is shared, even with those just passing by. Read the story Should we promote this idea in Unley? I like the idea of bringing together pockets of the community; to share in a common cause.

Unley Sky High

There has been lot of quick response from residents about Unley Council's proposed redevelopment of the Civic Centre. Councillor Don Palmer has done an excellent blog. Read it here ... My opinion can be seen in my comment to Don's blog. Here's what I wrote ... Don, I am getting similar outrage from residents. A few in the community are stirring the pot and distributing inaccurate leaflets. There is no real understanding of what might happen and inaccuracy in the media doesn’t help. When it comes to a decision as to what might be built, it will need to reflect Council’s obligation to be a good corporate citizen with a development that is in harmony with its environment. That would necessitate lower ‘towers’, lots of trees, lots of underground carparks (200+) etc. This development in harmony with its environment may in fact mean that the development is not cost effective and may deter finance and developer partners. Time will tell. In the meantime we will continue to g

Letter to media 02/11/2016

Here's a letter to the editor, published on 02 November 2016 ... I respond to Tia Cherry's letter (Eastern Courier Messenger, 19 October) regarding cyclists and hi-vis vests. I agree that cyclists should be encouraged to be highly visible. It is their choice and responsibility. The State Government has announced that it will not enforce mandatory hi-vis vests. No Council can mandate hi-vis vests. I urge all cyclists to wear a vest, especially in bad weather. Be seen and be safe.