Men in Unley

On her blog Councillor Jennie Boisvert voices her displeasure with the gender imbalance of Unley Council. Further, she talks of the ageing men on Council.
Quite an astute observation. Yes, there is a gender imbalance and the women and men are mostly ageing.
I agree with her that Council would be richer for having younger women and men; and more women. 50:50 would be ideal.
At the next election in 2018 I am prepared to encourage and mentor younger female and male candidates.

Here's what Jennie wrote ...


  1. Dear Anonymous (and I know who you are)
    I didn't publish your comment for the sake of harmony on Council.
    I did agree with much of what you said, but there was one inaccuracy.
    Use your real (Council) name and I will publish it.


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