Twelve Apostles

I was up at Stone Hut in the mid north of SA. I was on the way to Quorn at the start of the Flinders Ranges and I'd pulled in for a pie (or two). The pies there are the best in the State. You simply can't drive past.
Anyway, in the outdoor dining area (under some grape vines) I saw a large group of reasonably friendly birds of a type that I didn't recognise. They were munching on bird seed that the pie lady had put out to feed the birds and to entertain the pie eaters; even in the rain. And they were friendly and loved some stroking down the back; and a tickle under the chin.
I asked about the birds and pie lady said that they were called Apostles; named after the Biblical Twelve Apostles; because they usually hang out together in large groups of usually twelve. They are very social groups and have a sense of family.
And they love hanging around with people; probably to get some tidbits.
Amazing that I hadn't encountered Apostles before.
They were entertaining to watch whilst I ate my pie.

According to Wikipedia, ...

The apostlebird (Struthidea cinerea), also known as the grey jumper, lazy jack or cwa bird is a quick-moving, gray or black bird about 13 inches (33 centimetres) long. It is a native to Australia where it roams woodlands, eating insects and seeds at, or near, ground level. Apostlebirds often travel in groups of about 12; for this reason they were named after the Biblicalapostles, the twelve chief followers of Jesus Christ.


  1. Very common in the country.
    They like hanging out with the farmers.

  2. Here's more I found on Wikipedia about the reference to being known as CWA birds ...
    They can be known locally as lousy jacks (due to heavy louse infestations), happy jacks, happy families and CWA birds. The last name is mildly derogatory, referring to the supposed resemblance of apostlebird's constant chatter to a Country Women's Association meeting. Grey jumper is an alternate name.

    1. So true the reference to CWA. Both can really chatter.


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