Letter to media 01/08/2016

Here's a letter to the editor, published on 01 August 2016.

The Census crept up on us without much warning and with zero education about the process. There is lots of hysteria and concern about online privacy issues. Yet, only a few weeks back people were agitating for online voting at the Federal election. You can't have it both ways. People need to understand that paper forms get scanned and the details are stored electronically. I have confidence in the integrity of the stored data - unless it is stored in an offshore Cloud database.

Councillor Bob Schnell
Goodwood Ward, City of Unley


  1. Census hoohar aside, what's wrong with a small step to speed up the vote counting process? This can be achieved by having locked hard drives distributed to all polling booths. Each polling station then has the electronic booths that can cover all electorates. At the completion of the day each hard drive is then couriered to Canberra where it is downloaded into a central computer and counted instantly. The whole thing can be operated 100% disconnected from the internet or a computer network. 100% secure.

    1. Ian, you are a genius.
      That would work.
      As a safeguard I would have a dual disk mirroring system and also another backup on a USB stick.


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