Aussie Gold Rio 2016

The Olympics at Rio 2016 just doesn't have the usual Olympic buzz.
In fact, it seems to be a bit of a fizzer; just like the green slime (or whatever it was) it the swimming pool.
Maybe it's just me, but I doubt it.
People are not stopping work or dedicating time to watch events; like we used to.
The Olympics is all about the gathering of the greats from every country, in a quest of a win for their country.
Huge money is spent on nurturing and training athletes. I hear that $40m was spent just on our swimming team.
Results for Australia (so far) have not been great; way below expectations.
The reason for writing this is my annoyance at the expectations of success in certain events; and it didn't happen. He/She was a favourite, a certainty; and a win was just a formality; and it didn't happen. Shock when a perceived low chance SA swimmer Kyle Chalmers blitzed the pool and won Gold.
That's what the Olympics is all about ... a gathering of talented athletes and the best on the day wins Gold. It's not about perceived top favourites guaranteed to win; and if they don't win, we as a nation shouldn't be disappointed and feel let down.
I'm disappointed at the reactions of our sporting bodies and the bad behaviour of some of the athletes at the loss of guaranteed medals.

The only guaranteed outcome of Gold was for Usain Bolt; he simply had to win. What a brilliant outcome to crown his Olympic career. An absolute legend!


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