Powerless Port Augusta

I'm absolutely staggered that there is now surprise at the drastic increase in the cost of electricity immediately following the shut down of the brown coal fired power station at Port Augusta; in the far north of South Australia.
You can't shut down a 544MW power station and expect no impact.
That's what happened; and we knew a year+ in advance of the shutdown.
Industry is taking a bit hit with double/triple costs per day.
The Government is surprised.
The State Treasurer is surprised.
It's all a big surprise.

In fact, I'm surprised; I'm surprised that the outcome was not foreseen.
Average Joe (or Judy) in street could tell you that you simply can't shut down a power station without having a reliable backup source of power. It's like running out of petrol in your car and not having a jerry-can of petrol in the boot.

The other power generators in the State simply can't meet 100% of demand and we'll be reliant on wonky grid links to the eastern states.

The sooner we build a solar power station at Port Augusta the better.
The Government should be kicking this off with a significant investment.
It needs to start happening; now!


  1. Bob, there are several reports on the subject published by government sponsored entities, users and generators. All of them acknowledge that Leigh Creek reached the end of the economic reserves of brown coal (this was forecast 11 years ago). All of them recognise that SA prices follow the gas price. All of them acknowledge that the gas price has been artificially ballooning due to those damn LNG plants in Qld. All of them acknowledge SA's reliance on the Victorian interconnects for the past 15 years. All of them recognise the need for a link into NSW. At least one of them suggests changing the market model to encourage the construction of the necessary storage capacity and other generation that is required to smooth the peaks.

    BTW, the peaks were worse in 2012 when we did have NPS. I'd suggest looking into the unelected polical powerful who are causing the noise and you'll find an interesting trail.


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