Sheep milk cheese

Whilst on holiday recently in Tasmania I visited the Grandvewe cheesery.
100% sheep milk.
100% fantastic.
Down there I bought some Brebichon and enjoyed it with cold smoked salmon on crusty bread @ sunset, overlooking the River Derwent. A memorable night.

Back home, some weeks later, I ordered some cheeses and other produce (to get the free postage). Yum! It brought back memories of Tasmania.

More about the cheese:

Brebichon - soft, an easy to eat washed rind, a slight strong smell (which gets stronger as it comes up to room temperature) made in the style of Reblochon from the Savoie region in Eastern France. Score 9/10

Sapphire Blue - strong, salty and made in the Roquefort style; although it is more dense and crumbly than Roquefort. Score 8/10

Do yourself a favour and go online and order some cheese from Grandvewe