Kate's pork barrel

Other than trams in Unley (and you know my thoughts on that) the Federal election has delivered the first Labor promise of pork barrel funding for Unley (and four other metro Councils).

Well done Kate Ellis for the commitment to fund $44m, a 33% contribution to the remedial flood mitigation work in Brownhill Keswick Creeks.
Unley (and the other Councils) need 2/3 funding from the Federal and State Governments.
So Kate, to make the commitment meaningful, I urge you to re-package the offer by also securing the SA Labor Government to match your funding. Without additional State Government funding (of $44m) the project can not proceed.
Trust me, in these delicate times, you are the best person to get the State Government onboard.

I look forward to a fresh announcement, a joint commitment by Federal and State Labor, to fund the project to the tune of $88m. The five Councils will jointly fund the remainder.

We need a water tight commitment.


  1. Bravo Bob.
    Yes, we need joint funding from state and federal Labor.
    Now, upfront before we vote


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