Electric toilet seat

It was a blistery cold day up in the Adelaide Hills.
It is at this time of the year.
I was visiting friends at Crafers.
And they were so pleased with themselves; they had just bought an electric toilet seat and wanted to show it off.
The thought of such comfort just made you want to go; to experience the warmth on the buttocks. It was glorious; just so soothing and warm. The thought of getting electrocuted did pass my mind, but it passed as the warmth seeped in.
I'd read about them, but hadn't experienced one.
The problem with most households is who has a power point (plug) in the toilet to connect the device? Most I suspect do not have power in the toilet.
I just hope that my friends buy green electricity to power their bottom warmer.
Back home, there is no such luxury; and there won't be.
At home, to avoid a cold bottom during winter, it's a matter of strategy. If you need to visit the toilet (to sit down) then wait until someone has been. Wait for a few minutes (and you know why) and then go; and the seat will be nice and warm.
Did you know that by sitting on the toilet seat the temperature of the seat is raised by 12 degrees C?
So, that's my strategy. Wait and watch and let someone else warm the seat; and then go.