Country trust

I thought that I was back in Tasmania or visiting one of those honesty roadside fruit stalls in Qld ...

Today I headed up the freeway to Littlehampton to visit the Agapanthus Farm to buy some white agapanthus. No one was around. There was a sign that said to sound the horn loudly or ring a mobile number. I tooted and tooted to no avail. An old black dog came down from the house. He gave me a sniff and just hung around. I called the mobile and the woman explained that they had gone out for lunch. They thought that with such lousy weather no one would come to visit. Who would make the trek to the hills to buy agapanthus on such a day?
An arrangement was made. I made my selection and took 4 bags of plants home. I've just sent the farm an email asking for their bank account details so I can make payment.

It's nice to experience that country trust.
Can you imagine a shop in the city extending that same trust? Then again, they probably wouldn't leave the shop open and unattended and go out for lunch.


  1. Country folk are usually very honest and trusting


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