BREXIT whine

So Britain has voted to exit the EU; by a small majority.
It makes sense on the surface. I would have voted that way.
Now it seems that no one had given much thought to the consequences; they were just swept up in the romance of going it alone and becoming British again without the bureaucracy of Brussells.

What annoys me is the whinge from the 25% of people who did not bother to vote; mostly younger people. Now they want to right the wrong by signing a petition to have a fresh referendum. Fat chance. That would be a mockery of democracy from a place that we hold dear as the birth place of modern Western democracy.

You lie in the bed you make; and I say just get on with it.
Like with any new nation, there will be pain and challenges.
It calls for stiff British resolve and determination.

The Scottish uproar is more I suspect driven by their desire to exit Britain.