Only buy branded milk

This milk issue is outrageous.
The hard working dairy farmers are getting screwed by the supermarkets who promote their own brand milk which is bought at dirt cheap cost from the farmers.
This only happens because consumers buy the cheap milk at $1 a litre.
We must all take a stand and stop buying unbranded milk.
Only buy branded milk. This will ensure that dairy farmers get a better deal.
At your work place see what milk your company buys for your morning tea cuppa. If it is an own brand from the supermarket then talk to the boss; make a representation to management.
When you go to a coffee shop, ask the barista which brand milk they use. If it is unbranded then ask them to change or switch to another more ethical barista.
Make a stand.
If we drive our dairy farmers into the ground it will encourage foreign buyers to buy up more of our agricultural land.

The only milk I buy (in SA) is Jersey Premium (yellow top) from Fleurieu Milk Company. Full cream milk is the only way to make decent milk coffee. Trust me, a skinny milk coffee just ain't coffee; it's skinny on taste.

Finally, don't stop with milk.
Only buy local produce and not the slightly cheaper produce imported and promoted by the supermarket. A local orange may cost 10 cents more, but the local purchase will have a huge positive impact on our Aussie farmers. You also have peace of mind knowing that our local produce is safer and more hygienically produced. Remember the recent issue of blueberries contaminated with human faeces; processed and packaged in China and then sent to Australia.

If you are a shareholder of the major supermarkets, then contact the company and question their unethical behaviour. Be a pest and make your point. Hit their website and Facebook.

Buy local branded produce; help Aussie farmers and stay safe.


  1. Annoyed that people buy the cheaper stuff.
    Saving that little bit extra helps the rural sector and keeps farmers on their land.


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