Murray Magpie strut

Over the recent sunny weekend I was in the front garden.
The dogs were with me and were lying on the bricks in the driveway and watching the world go by; and they had a vigilant eye out for distant cats.
I was also lying on the bricks in the driveway; not dog-like; instead I had an old sheet to lie on whilst I painted the fence.
It was peaceful out there as the world passed by.
The peace was broken by a couple of Murray Magpies. They had just had a noisy and prolonged wash in the bird bath. Then they flew out to the footpath to look for nibbles  in the verge; insects, spiders, ...
They are inquisitive and engaging birds.
The magpies slowly strutted along the footpath and just out of reach of the dogs (and me) on the other side of the gates. The birds made a lot of noise, probably chattering about the weird animals lying on the bricks.