Election blues (and reds)

It's alooong election campaign for who governs Australia.
So loooong and such a wild ride. Another 5 weeks to go.
Ignoring the polls and listening to the people I'm prepared to call the election; at least for the House of Reps; but I won't (publicly). The outcome in the Senate is a big unknown; but I hope for one with a wide array of independents and not dominated by major party hacks (many with no real life experience) who never seem to be representative of the people.
It's disappointing that we rarely hear from party candidates who might have their own opinion. Their campaign is simply a blue or red (or green) brochure with their photo (with their leader) and with a few words that echo their party's slogan.
It's disappointing that parties constraint their candidates from saying anything that reflects their personal opinion. Sad. How can you vote for someone you don't know; someone you know nothing about; someone you might actually like.
I am more concerned about the outcome in the Senate; that's the house that will cause the grief (at times as it should) for any Government. People tend to forget that it is meant to be a house of review rather than a rubber stamp for the Government. The major parties put up their people in accord with factional deals as to who gets what position on the Senate ticket. Some of the candidates are absolutely woeful choices; candidates who have little public support; candidates who have been divisive, disruptive and at times an embarrassment. Check out the Liberal and Labor Senate teams in South Australia and you won't need to go far down the ticket to know what I mean.
Come the election, vote blue/red/green/independent for the House of Reps, but exercise careful thought for the Senate and vote for the person and not the party.


  1. I must say that I totally agree. How many voters have a clue about the candidate they are voting for?
    They just blindly vote Labor or Liberal.

  2. Sad that come the election people just blindly vote for the major parties regardless of the suitability of the candidate.


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