Afghani banquet

A fabulous Saturday afternoon spent cooking an Afghani banquet with famed chef Farida Ayubi (of Parwana restaurant).
Lots of food to take home and enjoy over 2 days.
I was a participant in the L Plates Tasting Australia gourmet experience held at TafeSA @ Regency Park, SA.
We cooked:

  • Kabuli Palaw; a superb rice dish using golden aged long grain rice
  • Chicken Stock; meat and stock to be added to the Kabuli Palaw
  • Lamb Kofta; magical meatballs
  • Kadu Borani; the only way to eat Pumpkin (or eggplant, potato)

A great day cooking with Farida Ayubi.


  1. Yum, sounds like a nice day.
    Come and cook for me.


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