Riverland Red

The other night I was at a mate's place.
It's custom to take a bottle, so I packed a decent bottle of red.
On arrival there was a bottle of red wine in a brown paper bag on the table.
I was asked to assess it; 'tell me what do you think mate'.
Knowing that my friend buys good red wine at the right price, usually for no more that $15 a bottle, I swirled and slurped and gave it the nose.
Absolutely superb.
My assessment was that it was good, damn good and should fall into the price range of $19-$20.
The bag was removed and I was looking at a South Australian Riverland red that cost $10 delivered. I was staggered that it didn't have that over-ripe, hot and plummy taste that often comes from the Riverland.
I went home and ordered some online.

Do yourself a favour and get some.
Here are the details:
Growers Gate 2014 Shiraz
Riverland Red
CCW Cooperative, Berrie, SA
$120 a dozen, delivered


  1. Sounds like a nice drop.
    I'll buy some to try.


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