Papaya for brekkie

That holiday in Port Douglas and Cairns last year was just so fantastic.
Tropical fruit for breakfast and prawns and seafood for lunch and dinner.
The red pawpaws (or papaya if you prefer) were superb.
I prefer the red to the yellow fruit. Richer and more complex in taste and flavour.
They do taste better in Queensland.
However, to keep the memories alive I occasionally buy a red pawpaw from the local green grocer at Goodwood, Unley, SA. From experience, the best are from the Skybury plantation near Mareeba, high up on the Tablelands above Port Douglas.
If you're buying one, select from the Sunbury brand and get one a bit green so it can ripen to your taste.
Tip, drizzle some lime juice on it. Yum!


  1. Yum. I'll look for the brand and buy one.Nice way to keep those holiday memories.

  2. I'm also a fan of the red pawpaw. Prefer it to the yellow one.


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