Electric buses

The proposed extension of the tram network beyond the Adelaide CBD to Unley, Norwood, Prospect is long overdue. However, the associated infrastructure will have an adverse impact on the local roads eg. Unley Road, Norwood Parade, Prospect Road ...
On Unley and Prospect Roads, it will have a severe impact and hamper the smooth flow of traffic. Local retailers will suffer. It will be a mess. It will remove a lane of traffic.
At Norwood, they've just realised that the streetscape will be devastated by the loss of a parade of magnificent trees.
Such is progress in re-installing a tram network. Retro-fitting it where there are now obstacles.
But it doesn't need to be.
Rather than a new tram network, I propose a network of electric buses; in addition to the current fleet of diesel and gas powered buses.
When on holiday in Wellington NZ, I was impressed by their electric buses. They were zippy and really moved along (compared with the slow pace of trams in SA). In places they used dedicated (or priority) bus lanes. The overhead cables were a lighter gauge that were supported by lighter poles. The buses were able to easily move around parked cars and road works. They are definitely more versatile than our rigid trams with the heavy duty and ugly infrastructure viz. poles and cables.
I was so convinced that electric buses had merit (over trams) that I suggested the proposal to DPTI CEO Michael Deegan.
DPTI and Minister Stephen Mullighan really need to evaluate and cost this option.
A huge bonus is that the buses could be manufactured in SA; a boost for local technology, manufacturing and jobs.
A summary of benefits:
Lower cost
Less visual pollution
No trees to be removed
Less noise
Lighter gauge overhead cables
Lighter gauge infrastructure
No tram stations in the middle of the road
Less impact on traffic on already congested narrow roads
Built in SA
Creation of jobs
Greater community acceptance
It all adds up to a better solution.

I urge DPTI to evaluate my proposal.

I'm quite prepared to accompany the Minister on a fact finding visit to Wellington, NZ ;)


  1. An excellent proposal. I hope the Minister asks for an evaluation. It does make sense.


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