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Groupe F

The Saturday night Groupe F show by A Fleur de Peau at Adelaide Oval to launch the Adelaide Festival was superb. Actually that's an understatement. It was the best light and fire show ever; the best that I have experienced. If you missed out, tough. Our tickets bought at half price 6 months ago gave us excellent seating 8 rows from the front. The heat from the flames could be felt. It has so hot I had to remove my beanie. Prior to the show there was a Kaurna Welcome to Country that lasted 20 minutes. An excellent welcome and smoking ceremony with a huge cast; it totally captivated the audience of 26,000 people. It dragged on a bit and would have benefited by explanation by the Kaurna commentator of what was actually happening. It would have helped the audience fully comprehend the dance and movements. Perhaps the smoking bit should have taken more dominance and significance. It was a fantastic opportunity to familiarise the audience with Kaurna custom. However the produce


It's that time of the year again (for the Chinese and some other Asian communities). It is the start of the Chinese New Year. Over the past week homes have been fastidiously cleaned. Now it's time to celebrate to usher in the Year of the Monkey. The celebrations will last a week and mostly involve eating. Restaurants will be full and overflowing and perhaps a bit daunting for the non Asian diner. It may be best to wait a week or so before visiting a Chinese restaurant. So, practising my Chinese, I wish you 新年快樂 (pronounced “xi nian kuai le”) ... happy Chinese New Year. More about the year of the Monkey