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My Rooster

Check out my new rooster! Before Christmas I commissioned an art work by acclaimed local artist Anna Small (of A Small Art Factory). Her website is Follow her on Facebook. Anna works with metal and creates fantastic art work to adorn the garden; or to hang on a wall inside or outside. She can be found most weekends at the quality craft markets in Adelaide. Anyway, I wanted a rooster, not the usual hen on a pole. She took on the challenge and I gave her feedback on her initial design. In January Anna delivered the rooster and he has has taken up residence in the backyard chilli patch. Thank you Anna

Mountain trek

Life is a long trail with some easy paths and some more challenging. I thought of this when I discovered a mountain trail in China, up Mt. Hua Shan. The trail starts with a gigantic set of stone stairs, called "the Heavenly Stairs." These stairs go so high up the mountainside, it's hard to see where they end. Click on the link for a pictorial view and discover what is at the top.

Gourmet NYEve

Last night, New Year's Eve, I cooked up a treat. So simple and yet so special. I remembered a meal I had at the Aquacaf restaurant at Goolwa. A thick snapper cutlet served on top of babaghanoush with a side dish of tabouli. It was superb. A slow lunch with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc; watching the boats on the water. Yesterday I lined up at the fish shop. Surprisingly it wasn't as busy as in past years. Huge amounts of money were changing hands. People were going over-board buying prawns, bugs, crayfish (lobster), ... all the expensive goods. I bought a dozen SA oysters (the best in the world) for $14.99, some smoked ocean trout (to eat later in the week) and a few thick cutlets of Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon (with the skin on). Snapper is a stronger flavoured fish, but I thought the salmon would be more appropriate for a special occasion; and salmon is ideal for serving just slightly under cooked. Ingredients: Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon, skin on Babaghanoush Tabouli