Don't drink dude

Investing a small (extra) amount each week in Super yields a high reward later in life.
An example is by a abstaining from one glass of wine (or 2-3 coffees) each week will over 35 years add $50,000 to your Super account.
A sobering thought.
Imagine if you gave up a little bit of all our extras in life.
Then again it relies on the discipline of making a regular extra contribution to Super.

According to an article ...
It’s a sobering thought that skipping just one glass of wine per week could add almost $50,000 to your retirement fund balance over the long term.
The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) has calculated that if the cost of a glass of wine (an average of $10) was channelled back into a superannuation savings account as a regular, after-tax monthly contribution over a 35-year period, this would add an extra $48,033 to your retirement cash pile.

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